Between discourses, arts and media. The comparative studies of tomorrow

The conference, organized by the Section of Comparative Studies at the Institute of Polish Literature (Faculty of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw), the Laboratory of Intersemiotic and Intermedia Research at the Institute of Polish Literature (Faculty of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw) and the Polish Comparative Literature Association, will take place in Warsaw on 17-19 March 2015.

Conference topics:

  • from comparative literature to comparative humanities: new issues of contemporary comparative studies and new perspectives (changes in methodology and subjects);
  • interference between discourses, inter- and trans-discursiveness. Literary discourse vs. journalistic, religious, political, scientific and philosophical discourse (and other discourses); presence of other discourses in literature and presence of literature in other discourses: pastiche, paraphrase, stylization, parodic and critical references and their functions; literary adaptations of other discourses; world-view in literature vs. world-view in other discourses;
  • between arts, between different media: intersemiotic and transsemiotic aspects, comparative studies of arts and media: interrelations, inspirations, forms of presence, traces; intersemiotic and intermedia translation, remediation; literature and literariness in other arts/media: music, paintings, photography, architecture, film, theatre, radio, comics, video games etc.; representation of literariness in digital media, digital reinterpretations of literary structures;
    composition, textual devices, elements of textual structure and text as a common ground and diversifying elements of arts/media, which shape aesthetic expression;
  • uses and abuses, as well as manipulations of literature and literariness in other discourses; literary appropriations and usurpations from/in other arts and different media;
  • similarities, differences, analogies, identities, contrasts, context from the perspective of comparative studies of the 21st century.
  • We prefer problematic approaches, cross-sectional and synthetic topics.

Proposals in Word format, together with:
– name, academic degree and affiliation,
– topic,
– summary (800 characters)
should be sent to kompar.polon@uw.edu.pl. The closing date was 20 December 2014.

We would like to invite you to participate in this academic event.

dr hab. Ewa Szczęsna, prof. UW (e.szczesna _@_ uw.edu.pl) – originator and organizer 
of the conference
dr Marcin Leszczyński (m.leszczynski5 _@_ uw.edu.pl) – co-organizer
dr Piotr Kubiński (piotr.kubinski _@_ uw.edu.pl) – co-organizer

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